Tamriel : The Fourth Era

Servants of the City,

Service has its costs.

GM Addendum
This encounter ended poorly for the party, with two members being killed and their bodies not being recovered. The survivors, Xerian and Twiska, escaped the trap infested dungeon to warn the city and Sir Llondras.

Sir Llondras offered the party a house within Cheydinhal to use if they became servants of the city and its Count. The party agreed and moved into their new house and began to familiarize themselves with their new home.
Two days later on Morndas, the group was summoned to a meeting of the Inner Council of the Knights of the Thorn. Sir Llondras and four other Masters of the Order were present along with an agent of the Order, Twiska Swiftfingers, a female Breton.
The Knight-Master dispatched the party, along with their guide, to discretely look into a disturbing occurrence, someone or something has stolen the skulls or heads of three notably citizens of Cheydinhal from their resting places within the city and two from their graves in villages around the county. Llondras wants this dealt with quietly, lest the city be driven to chaos as frightened citizens hunt for the grave-robbers themselves.
Following Twiska to the location of the first crypt on her map, the party arrived at the cemetery to find a large gathering of people around a broken mausoleum. Erik sent his familiar to see if he could figure out what the crowd was doing. It seems a sixth crypt had been robbed and the skull of the occupant was taken. The crowd was in an uproar and was talking of marching on the castle to demand answers.
Staying outside of the gates so as not to arouse questions of why a heavily armed party was coming to the cemetery, the party encountered an Orc who said he was coming to visit his mother’s grave, he even had fresh flowers. He spoke to the party and then entered the gates. Watching him and trying to keep an eye on the crowd the part watched as the orc entered the very crypt they came to investigate.


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