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  • Erevar Indarys

    [[File:409136 | class=media-item-align-left | 200x500px | dunmer_by_.png]]Erevar Indays is the Grand Master of the Knights of the Thorn and heir to the Count of Cheydinhal.

  • Xerian Telvayn

    Xerian was born in Cheydinhal in the year 4E 154. His family was descended of an offshoot line of House Telvanni from Morrowind. The family fled Morrowind following the desolation of the Red Mountain eruption and settled in the County of Cheydinhal in the …

  • Ataf Sendu

    Ataf was born in the year 172 in Taneth, a port city in southern Hammerfell, on the Abecean Sea lying northwest of Rihad and east of Gilane. During Hammerfell's resistance against the Aldmeri Dominion in the Fourth Era, the city fell after it was …

  • Llondras Ofemen

    A Dunmer nobleman from Cheydinhal and a Master of the Knights of the Thorn, Llondras is serious minded and takes protecting Cheydinhal from threats very seriously. He is charged by the Count and his Grand Master with finding suitable recruits to …