Tamriel : The Fourth Era

Servants of the City,
Service has its costs.

GM Addendum
This encounter ended poorly for the party, with two members being killed and their bodies not being recovered. The survivors, Xerian and Twiska, escaped the trap infested dungeon to warn the city and Sir Llondras.

Sir Llondras offered the party a house within Cheydinhal to use if they became servants of the city and its Count. The party agreed and moved into their new house and began to familiarize themselves with their new home.
Two days later on Morndas, the group was summoned to a meeting of the Inner Council of the Knights of the Thorn. Sir Llondras and four other Masters of the Order were present along with an agent of the Order, Twiska Swiftfingers, a female Breton.
The Knight-Master dispatched the party, along with their guide, to discretely look into a disturbing occurrence, someone or something has stolen the skulls or heads of three notably citizens of Cheydinhal from their resting places within the city and two from their graves in villages around the county. Llondras wants this dealt with quietly, lest the city be driven to chaos as frightened citizens hunt for the grave-robbers themselves.
Following Twiska to the location of the first crypt on her map, the party arrived at the cemetery to find a large gathering of people around a broken mausoleum. Erik sent his familiar to see if he could figure out what the crowd was doing. It seems a sixth crypt had been robbed and the skull of the occupant was taken. The crowd was in an uproar and was talking of marching on the castle to demand answers.
Staying outside of the gates so as not to arouse questions of why a heavily armed party was coming to the cemetery, the party encountered an Orc who said he was coming to visit his mother’s grave, he even had fresh flowers. He spoke to the party and then entered the gates. Watching him and trying to keep an eye on the crowd the part watched as the orc entered the very crypt they came to investigate.

Assault on Fort Facian
A nearly disastrous encounter in the old fort.

Having been sent by Sir Llondres to explore the old Imperial fort southwest of Cheydinhal, the group was ambushed from the start by two members of what ended up being a cult of Molag Bal.
A Bosmer archer and an Orc warrior were posted out front and nearly ended the lives of Amon and Eldar as quickly as they were seen. Erik managed to spy the archer with his familiar and Xerian used his eldritch blast to wound him before he fled into the forts underground complex to warn his allies. Amon made short work of the Orc but was heavily wounded.
Once entering the underground complex, the group was on the look out for ambushes and still fell prey to them. The Bosmer archer laid in wait and had called upon the cults skeletons to assist him splitting the group and attacking from two fronts. Amon defeated the skeletons with a few swift throwing axes and Eldar ran afoul of a cultist spellcaster and a zombie.

Investigate Fort Facian
A recently re-occupied ruined Imperial fort.

Llondras Ofemen, a Dunmer Knight of the Thorn, has tasked the group with investigating rumors that someone or something has reoccupied Fort Facian, an old, ruined Imperial fort southwest of Cheydinhal.
The fort has no exterior buildings, it is mostly stone rubble, but there is one door built into a low hill that leads to the surviving sub-basements. Two lower levels lie below the ruins and may be occupied.

Completion of the task will earn the Knights trust and gain the party 100 septims each plus any spoils they claim from the ruins.

The Stormcloak Rebellion

4E 201 -

The Stormcloak Rebellion was a civil war in Skyrim fought between the forces of the Empire and the Stormcloak rebels in 4E 201. Several years before, Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak of Windhelm formed the Stormcloaks as his personal army to carry out his agenda. Soon after the young High King Torygg took the throne, Ulfric traveled to the High King’s court in Solitude and challenged Torygg to single combat for Skyrim’s throne, purportedly because of the ban on Talos worship. Ulfric knocked Torygg over with the thu’um, stabbed him with a sword, and fled the city. He was branded a murderer and traitor by the Empire. The Imperial Legion under General Tullius moved in to secure Imperial territory as the jarls began picking sides. Less than a year after the start of the conflict, Ulfric and his men were captured by the Legion outside Darkwater Crossing in southern Eastmarch. After surrendering, they traveled for two days until they arrived in Helgen for execution. In a twist of fate, the village was suddenly attacked by a dragon, and the rebel leader escaped once again. Afterwards, the war escalated, with Nords across Skyrim solidifying their allegiance to either the Empire or the Stormcloaks.

The Forsworn Rebellion
The battle for the Reach.

4E 174 – 4E 176

During the Great War in Cyrodiil, Imperial Legions stationed in Skyrim’s region of the Reach and its capital, Markarth, were recalled to help repel the Aldmeri Dominion’s invasion, leaving the western region vulnerable to its native Breton population, known as “Reachmen”, who successfully revolted and created an “independent kingdom”.
To deal with the rebellion, the Empire and Jarl Hrolfdir, the father of future Jarl Igmund, established a Nordic militia to retake the Reach from the Reachmen with promises of freedom of religion, attracting the future rebel leader, Ulfric Stormcloak. The uprising was ultimately quelled, but not without consequences. Despite the Empire’s vows for free religion, the Thalmor discovered the worship of Talos taking place in Markarth, and demanded the arrest of Ulfric and the other members of the Nord militia. To honor the White-Gold Concordat and keep the peace with the Dominion, Hrolfdir was forced to comply to prevent any future invasions by the Aldmeri Dominion. One of the policies he was forced to agree to was the arrest of members affiliated with the Nord militia that helped overthrow the Forsworn. Hrolfdir helped arrest Ulfric and the other members of the militia to prevent another war with the Thalmor. In retaliation, Ulfric Stormcloak refuses to observe the agreement and decides to allow the freedom to worship Talos himself when he became the new Jarl of Windhelm, sparking the future Stormcloak Rebellion.

Major Battles

-Battle of Markarth, 4E 174. Reachmen quickly breached Markarth’s city gates and annexed the city. Years later, Jarl Hrolfdir, father of the future Jarl Igmund, was killed by the Forsworn.

-The Markarth Incident, 4E 176. Under the leadership of Ulfric Stormcloak, the Nordic militia retook Markarth while inflicting heavy casualties on the Reachmen rebels. When the independent kingdom of the Reach was overthrown, there were executions, including the deaths of some civilians of Markarth who were native members of the Reach. Surviving stragglers of the Reachmen continued to rebel, forming the Forsworn.

Hammerfell's Resistance

4E 175 – 4E 180

Hammerfell refused to accept the terms of the White-Gold Concordat and, having been renounced as an Imperial province by Titus II, continues to fight against the Aldmeri Dominion alone. After five years, the war ends in a stalemate with the signing of the Second Treaty of Stros M’Kai. The Aldmeri Dominion withdraws from Hammerfell entirely. Hammerfell remains bitter with the Empire for abandoning it.

The Great War
The war between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Empire.

4E 171 – 4E 175

The Thalmor refer to this war as the First War Against the Empire. The Aldmeri Dominion invaded the Empire of Tamriel after Emperor Titus Mede II rejected an ultimatum presented by a Thalmor ambassador. The Aldmeri forces caught the Empire by surprise and apparently had far better success than planned. Their success apparently encouraged them to go beyond the aim of conquering Hammerfell, and instead they decided to conquer the entire Empire. The Aldmeri advance culminated in the Sack of the Imperial City, which was under occupation for nearly a year before its liberation in the Battle of the Red Ring. The war ends with the signing of the White-Gold Concordat.

Major Battles

-Sack of the Imperial City, 4E 174. Lord Naarifin’s Aldmeri army surrounded the Imperial City. Titus II broke through the perimeter with his main army and fled north to Skyrim to join with reinforcements under General Jonna. The Imperial City was sacked by the invaders soon after. The White-Gold Tower was burned and looted, and the Aldmeri committed many atrocities against the city’s populace.

-Battle of the Red Ring, 4E 175. Titus II split his remaining forces into three hosts that surrounded the occupied Imperial City. After a long, bloody battle, the Aldmeri army in Cyrodiil was utterly destroyed and the Imperial City recaptured. Lord Naarifin was hung from the top of White-Gold Tower and kept alive for thirty-three days. Despite the resounding victory, Titus II realized the Empire was too exhausted to continue fighting. He negotiated with the Thalmor and signed the White-Gold Concordat, a treaty that gave the Thalmor free reign to stamp out the worship of Talos in Tamriel, disbanded the Blades, and ceded a large part of southern Hammerfell to the Aldmeri Dominion. Critics note that the terms of the Concordant are almost identical to those of the original ultimatum presented by the Thalmor prior to the war.


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