Xerian Telvayn

A Dunmer Adventurer.


5e Rules
Male Dunmer
Neutral Good
Str 14 Dex 18 Con 12
Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 16
Rogue 2/Warlock 3 (Celestial Tome Pact)
Undead Hunter background

Pathfinder Rules
Male Dunmer
Neutral Good
Str 14 Dex 18 Con 12
Int 14 Wis 16 Cha 12
Rogue 2/Alchemist 2/Inquisitor 1 of Azura

Xerian is tall and strongly built. He wears his hair in a traditional Dunmer swept-back mohawk style and wears a short beard, as well. He dresses as suits an adventurer, leathers and utilitarian garb. His weapons and gear are well maintained, as befits a veteran of the Legions.

He wears no flashy jewelry or ornamentation except his Legionnaires brooch and silver Azura Star. He has lately started wearing a symbol of Talos. The Ninth Divine speaks to his defiant nature and it also insults any Thalmor he may encounter.

Xerian Telvayn
Age: 47
Hgt: 6’1" Wgt: 215 lbs
Hair: Black Eyes: Red


Xerian was born in Cheydinhal in the year 4E 154. His family was descended of an offshoot line of House Telvanni from Morrowind. The family fled Morrowind following the desolation of the Red Mountain eruption and settled in the County of Cheydinhal in the Imperial Province.
Now calling themselves Clan Telvayn, the family began a dramatic change that was begun by Xerian’s fore-fathers before the middle of the Third Era: making a pact to serve Azura, whom they consider their patron, and all of the Nine, whom they believe saved them from destruction of the Red Mountain and later, during the Great War at the hands of the Aldmeri Dominion.

Xerian grew up training with the traditional Dunmeri weaponry, as well as more academic pursuits, which he excelled at. He joined the Legion when he reached 15 years of age and served with distinction in the Great War and having seen battle with the Thalmor when serving as a scout in Hammerfell, at age 25, during the last year of the Hammerfell Resistance, his unit caught in the fighting while patrolling near the border of the Imperial Province.

After the war, Xerian was promoted to the rank of sergeant and continued to serve for another 19 years, retiring with the rank of Captain. During his time as a captain of the Legions, Xerian would travel all over Tamriel. During a tour in the Iliac Bay region Xerian encountered his first nest of Vampires. Burning the blood-fiends out and destroying them entirely has become a quest of his since that day. He lost three quarters of his Cohort to them before they could be destroyed. He lost many close friends that day, men and mer who had served with him for decades. Due to this incident he has become an expert of the undead, his study of the various vampire clans is on par with the newly reformed Dawn Guard or Vigil of Stendarr, who unfortunately view Xerian as a threat since he is a follower of Azura. He and the Vigil have come into open conflict in the past and he sees no reason it won’t happen again.

After leaving the legion at age forty, Xerian began wandering Cyrodiil looking for knowledge and adventure. These last seven years have had a dramatic impact on him. He has taken up sword and spell in the name of Azura and the Nine, fighting the Thalmor, goblin-kin, Vampires, and all who threaten the common folk. During his adventures Azura spoke to him, telling him of the ancient pact between her and his Clan Fathers. He upheld the pact and uses the powers she has given him to continue to help others and battle the evil in the world.

Xerian has an immense hatred for the Thalmor stemming from the atrocities he saw them commit against the Redguard.

Xerian Telvayn

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