Ataf Sendu

A Redguard monk from Hammerfell.


Ataf is tall and lean muscled. He is bald and clean shaven, with friendly face prone to large smiles. His ears are pierced by silver hoops. He still dresses in a Redguard fashion, despite now living in a cooler climate than his homeland. He also prefers to go barefoot, only wrapping his feet when it is unbearably cold.
His garb is nontraditional but very much Redguard. Loose breeches, a knee-length, sleeveless leather jacket with many pockets, a red sash, a broad girdle-style belt, and leather arm wraps. Ataf also decorates his body with paint from time to time.


Ataf was born in the year 172 in Taneth, a port city in southern Hammerfell, on the Abecean Sea lying northwest of Rihad and east of Gilane. During Hammerfell’s resistance against the Aldmeri Dominion in the Fourth Era, the city fell after it was supposedly betrayed from within.
Ataf’s parents were successful pearl merchants. They owned a few warehouses and several ships. When the Great War broke out both of his parents were killed by the Thalmor for smuggling money and supplies to the Resistance and young Ataf was orphaned to the streets, only to be taken in by a mysterious order of Monks who fought with the Redguard resistance against the invaders.

Taking the boy, Isran, a master of the secretive order, raised Ataf in the traditions of his discipline. Ataf took to them quickly, but still had trouble shedding his urchin ways, using his new skills to steal bread to feed the orphans and other less fortunate folk he knew before joining Isran.

Ataf has a friend, a small desert jumping mouse he calls, Farad.

Ataf Sendu

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