Tamriel : The Fourth Era

Assault on Fort Facian

A nearly disastrous encounter in the old fort.

Having been sent by Sir Llondres to explore the old Imperial fort southwest of Cheydinhal, the group was ambushed from the start by two members of what ended up being a cult of Molag Bal.
A Bosmer archer and an Orc warrior were posted out front and nearly ended the lives of Amon and Eldar as quickly as they were seen. Erik managed to spy the archer with his familiar and Xerian used his eldritch blast to wound him before he fled into the forts underground complex to warn his allies. Amon made short work of the Orc but was heavily wounded.
Once entering the underground complex, the group was on the look out for ambushes and still fell prey to them. The Bosmer archer laid in wait and had called upon the cults skeletons to assist him splitting the group and attacking from two fronts. Amon defeated the skeletons with a few swift throwing axes and Eldar ran afoul of a cultist spellcaster and a zombie.


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